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Our Classes

our classes

Communal Space

At Nest, we understand that the environment plays a vital role in a child’s development and learning. That’s why we’ve designed our space with sustainability, cleanliness, and happiness in mind.

Our playroom is flooded with natural light, thanks to the large windows that create a warm and inviting atmosphere suitable for all ages. We’ve meticulously crafted an interactive environment that engages multiple senses, including sight, sound, touch, and even smell! By incorporating natural elements such as wood and plants, we aim to create a calming effect on children, promoting a sense of well-being.

In addition, we offer a range of natural playsets and storytelling books that spark children’s curiosity and imagination, while our special magnetic play board, inspired by the atmosphere of treetops and the story of “Take Me to the Nest,” features a marble run that represents an egg running back to its nest, providing a fun and educational way to engage children’s creativity.

We believe that play is a crucial aspect of children’s learning and development, and it’s our goal to provide a space that encourages and enhances this experience.


In our signature Reggio playgroup, children are encouraged to explore and discover the world around them through play, art, and social interaction. The program is designed to support children’s natural curiosity and creativity, and to help them develop their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills.


Our diverse range of programs aims to provide children with opportunities to grow, learn, and thrive, while also fostering a sense of global citizenship and responsibility.

At Nest, we’re committed to fostering the development of children into well-rounded individuals. That’s why we offer a diverse range of extra-curricular programs that prioritize Personal Development, Social Development, Sustainability, Academic Support, Diversity, and an International Mindset.

Our programs, including Art & Craft, Nature, STEAM, Music and Dance, Vegan Cooking, and more, aim to balance nature, arts, and technology, helping to create “global citizens” who are passionate about making a positive impact on the planet.

Through our programs, children have the opportunity to develop a variety of skills and interests while promoting social and emotional growth. Our Personal Development and Social Development programs aim to foster skills such as leadership, communication, and empathy, while our Sustainability and Diversity programs help children develop a sense of environmental responsibility and cultural awareness.

We also offer Academic Support to help children achieve their full potential and an International Mindset program that exposes them to different cultures and ideas, encouraging them to think critically and broaden their perspective.

Parties and Events

Nest’s exclusive private and environmentally-safe party packages designed to make your child’s special day unforgettable. Our packages include a variety of fun and engaging activities that cater to children’s interests and preferences, and we can even provide delicious vegan snacks to add some extra fun to the party!

We believe that being a part of your child’s special day is a privilege, and our team is dedicated to creating a sustainable and eco-friendly experience for your child and their guests. We can help bring your little one’s party-dreams to life, providing a variety of activities and decorations that will make their day truly special.

To book one of our private party packages, simply email us at Hi@nestbangkok.com , and our staff will get in touch with you shortly to discuss the details. We look forward to working with you to create an unforgettable celebration for your child!

Camps and Specials

Nest’s mission is to develop well-rounded children who possess a diverse range of skills and knowledge. To achieve this goal, we offer camps and events that prioritize Personal Development, Social Development, Sustainability, Academic Support, Diversity, and an International Mindset. We also collaborate with our friends, such as Little Legend, to provide Nature Play with Sustainable Garden courses.

Nature STEAM day camp is designed to inspire children’s curiosity and creativity by combining science, technology, engineering, art, and math with the beauty of nature.

Cooking camp, “Where Does My Food Come From?”, we aim to teach children about sustainable agriculture and healthy eating habits.

Nature Disaster and How to Survive camp, where they can learn about disaster preparedness and survival skills in a fun and engaging way.

Emotion and Arts + Crafts camp promotes social and emotional development while allowing children to express themselves creatively.

All of our camps and events are carefully curated to provide children with a well-rounded experience that promotes personal growth and global awareness. By prioritizing a diverse range of skills and knowledge, we strive to create the next generation of responsible and informed global citizens.

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